Monday, 8 December 2008

Richard Williams

I was talking to my good friend Chris recently, and he brought up this really interesting old Richard Williams (the man behind Roger Rabbit and The Thief and The Cobbler) feature that I thought was a brilliant example of the kind of dedication and adherence to quality that I admire in great artists. Watching it, reminds me of when I used to want to be an animator and that I have the utmost of respect and admiration for traditional animators and comic book artists. The sheer amount of work they produce and effort that goes into into their craft is inspiring.

There's a particular humbling moment at the end of part 2, into part 3, that kind of struck a chord with me. It's when Ken Harris sort of unwittingly brings Richard Williams back down to Earth and makes him think about his level of ability at that point in time. Really makes me wonder about what some of my inspirations would think about my stuff. A humbling thought indeed.

It's worth a watch if you have a moment to spare. The six parts can be found here.